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Bali-The Details

Jai Shri Krishna & Jai Swaminarayan

We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with all of our loved ones!

Many of you have asked us “Why Bali?” so here we go.

The vision behind our one day reception was not only to fly to an insanely beautiful island with our closet family and friends but also to choose a destination that would have something to offer every single one of our guests. Whether you want to visit ancient Balinese temples that boast magnificent centuries old architecture, ATV through luscious jungles, hike active volcanoes with the most picturesque sunsets, pump the barrels surfing, rave at some of the best beach clubs, see mesmerizing performances, go island hoping on a yacht, gaze at some of the most majestic ocean views from clifftops, be a beach bum with the most exotic backdrops, or get your Instagram infinity pool floating breakfast stories….we could go on and go, but you get the idea.

The beauty of Uluwatu’s cliff tops captivated us instantly, so we decided our reception will be held at a private villa in Uluwatu. See the travel section for additional information regarding accommodation.

The lifelong memories you help us create will be invaluable but we hope you use this as an opportunity to take that overdue vacation and come experience the

“Island of the Gods”…


Reepal & Akash